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Time to Finally Write Your Book

How to write & launch your book


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Dare to Dream

Inspiration from winners to build a life you love


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Tamara’s Secret to Power Networking

Build Business Relationships to Achieve Your Goals


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Branding You

Design Your Who, What And Why


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Create Your Organic Email List

Your Most Valuable Business Asset Today


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Sales Funnel Magic Made Easy

A Beginner’s Guide to Designing a High-Converting, Automated Online Sales Funnel


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How to establish profitable partnerships

A guide to joint ventures that grow your business


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Engage and Attract your target audience with visuals

Create & use visual content to explode your business


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Project Management broken down

Starting your project out right


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What Does SEO Even Mean?

How to make sure people find YOUR business when they search online


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On-Camera Video Tricks and Tips

Connect with your audience & build trust with quick, simple face-to-face videos


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Build the Brand then the Community

Getting your community to know, like and trust you.


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Influence Like a Boss

Build your reputation as an expert in your field


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Start Your Business Like a Pro

Make Your Dream a Reality


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Target Marketing Like a Champ

How to identify your target audience and create your ideal customer profile


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Fine tune your habits for business success

Habits of successful business owners


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Find and Interview Influencers Like a Pro

Increase your reputation and boost your business


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Networking on Social Media

Building your professional network on social media


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Eliminate Business Stress

Prevent Stress and Eliminate Burnout


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Learn How the Pros Launch Products

How to maximize sales for your new product or service


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Lead, Motivate and Inspire your Dream Team

Guide a team the right way to achieve your business goals


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Blog Like a Boss

How to Blog Like A Pro…


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Sales Page Magic

Convert Visitors into Customers with a magical Landing Page


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Create Passive Income

Add income to your business…


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Create a Membership Site

Create a Subscription based Website for Passive Income


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Website Content Mastery

Create web pages that convert


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Virtual Assistants Are Angels

Expedite Your Growth and Save Your Precious Time by Contracting a Virtual Assistant


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Learn Copy writing for small businesses

Formulas for Words That Convert


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Develop a content marketing plan with ease

Creating content isn’t done on the fly.


As a featured Co-Author of Jim Britt’s Cracking The Rich Code I am going to explain how; I have come to understand why some succeed, even dramatically, while more than a few fail. However, success or failure, I’ve only met a handful who have a clue about even two or three of the five essential start-up business strategies I’m going to discuss.  These strategies also apply to launching new products.

This is the only path I’ve found that consistently allows a start-up company, or a company’s new product, to

“Crack The Rich Code”

“If you want to succeed (or even survive) in our new world, you need an entirely new set of skills and information.

You need to “reposition” yourself…often.
You need to revamp how you do business…often.

No matter what you do for a living…regardless of your education, level of business experience or current financial status…

If you have a burning desire for financial change then you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from the entrepreneurs within this book.”  ~Kevin Harrington

Like every good Superhero, they have a companion or sidekick, we offer you two to have by your side. Our hardback daily journal to keep your every thought and the amazing Workbook to give you activities to further your transformation that will assist you in honing your superpowers.

Chapter 1

(Manifestation and Trust the Process) 

The author’s writing is eloquent yet understandable. I could completely identify with wonder women. This chapter resonated with me. It touched areas in my life as far as living my truth trusting the process speaking life into the things I dreamed for myself. I could identify with wonder woman as I recall my grandmother called me that as a young lady.  I now wonder if she saw the powers I possessed.This chapter makes me want to dig deep into my own superpowers and activate them.  It’s eye opening and empowering. 

Veronica Wilson

Healthcare executive

A Word

From Tamara

As an entrepreneur myself I completely understand the stress, anxiety and frustration around launching or growing a business.  I also know the rewards and life style change the hard work can provide you if you stay focused.  I am here to inspire and motivate you to push forward.  The fact that you’re investing in your business education let’s me know you’re in this to win. Rest assured I’m here to help you…. These courses are set up to help you understand the basics.  To dig deeper into your specific plan of action we will discuss where you are, where you want to be, eliminate any blocks preventing you from getting to the next step and create an action plan. 

- Tamara Paul
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