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Find and Interview Influencers Like a Pro

Increase your reputation and boost your business

Course - Find and Interview Influencers like a pro
Find and Interview Influencers like a pro

In this course, you'll learn how to effectively harness the name recognition and authority of influencers to promote and boost the growth of your business.

As part of your ‘influencer marketing’, the goal is to reach out to someone who is well-known as an expert in your field. You conduct an interview with the influencer, and then publish it on your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, or anywhere else where you can connect with your audience.

The result is valuable content for your audience and exposure to more potential clients. New people who are searching for the influencer online will find your interview. They'll likely start following you as well.

Interviewing influencers helps you to:

 Expand your reach
 Attract new followers, prospects, and customers
 Build your credibility
 Position yourself as an authority in your niche
 Create extremely valuable content that helps your audience solve their relevant problems and inform them of current trends in the market.
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From Tamara

” In spite of how many times you’ve thought it—or even said out loud—“I’m only human,” Discover Your Superpowers: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential will forever change the meaning of that phrase, “only human.” Discovering and igniting your dormant superpowers will allow you to live your best life. “

– Tamara Paul

As a featured Co-Author of Jim Britt’s Cracking The Rich Code I am going to explain how; I have come to understand why some succeed, even dramatically, while more than a few fail. However, success or failure, I’ve only met a handful who have a clue about even two or three of the five essential start-up business strategies I’m going to discuss.  These strategies also apply to launching new products.

This is the only path I’ve found that consistently allows a start-up company, or a company’s new product, to

“Crack The Rich Code”

“If you want to succeed (or even survive) in our new world, you need an entirely new set of skills and information.

You need to “reposition” yourself…often.
You need to revamp how you do business…often.

No matter what you do for a living…regardless of your education, level of business experience or current financial status…

If you have a burning desire for financial change then you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from the entrepreneurs within this book.”  ~Kevin Harrington

Our superpower is making you a superhero.

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